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My name is Katia Castro, I’m from São Paulo, married to a foreigner, and here is why I and my husband decided to start this website about Immigration and Relocation to Brazil:

In 1999, I met a foreigner while studying in the USA and after some months of dating and living together we decided to get married. My future husband came to on Tourist , we had translated and notarized all the necessary legal documentation and got married legally both in church and civil office. At that point we decided that he would immigrate to Brazil and therefore should apply for a Permanent Residence visa based on our marriage.

We were extremely happy, life was in front of us, but before making any concrete plans on buying property, starting a business or even finding temporary job, first my husband needed to apply for the Permanent Residence Visa in order to legally immigrate to Brazil and have all necessary civil rights. The Tourist Visa was to expire soon, so we gathered all the necessary documents as instructed by the Federal Police Department of Immigration in Sao Paulo and were ready to proceed.

Our research on the Internet showed that since we are legally married my husband has the right to obtain Brazilian Permanent Residence Visa as part of the so called Family Reunion Law. Similar laws are popular in other countries in America and Europe so we were convinced that the process would be fast and easy.

We couldn’t be more WRONG!!

The BIG difference between the laws in Brazil and most of the other countries we researched was that in Brazil you had the RIGHT TO APPLY FOR A VISA, but not the RIGHT TO RECEIVE A VISA!!

Our life turned to HELL! A small typing mistake in my husband’s name made all documents invalid and we had to redo everything! Then, The Federal Police officer in charge of our case reported that he went to our apartment for an interview (required by law), but he couldn’t find us. Not true since my husband could not work on Tourist Visa and was at home all day long! More and more obstacles were laid on our road to the dreamed Brazilian immigration visa and at one point our application was rejected by the Ministry of Justice with no explanation at all!

We were DEVASTATED! We didn’t know what to do and it seemed like our life together has come to an end – at least in Brazil, my country of birth! Something that was so obvious to us – getting married, having the immigration visa issued and going ahead with our lives was denied and we had no solution!

At that point we decided that we still have another option – hiring an immigration lawyer, paying whatever fees they were going to ask us and having them to deal with the impossible bureaucracy in Brazil at that time.

So we did. It was not easy neither cheap but finally 2 years after getting married my husband finally received his Brazilian Permanent Residence Visa.

According to our immigration lawyers we could avoid most of the problems and even get the visa ourselves if we knew WHAT EXACTLY to do and HOW EXACTLY to do it. We did not.

That’s the reason I and my husband decided to start this web site – to help YOU avoid all the hassle and save your time and money when applying for visa to Brazil, and to give YOU the KNOWLEDGE of what to expect and how exactly to deal with it!


Katia Castro


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  • Well hello Katia! What a lovely website you have created here; however, the information that you’ve put into it all seems clear, concise, and to the point.

    It’s great to have someone there in Brasil that I can communicate with insofar as I am planning a trip down whenever possible. You have no doubt been to my site “The Thinker” because that’s where I learned how to find you. Thank you for visiting! If you should need any assistance on this end, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Best of everything for you and yours!


    • Katia

      Thank you!

  • Wow, I really can relate to this. I received permanent investors visas for myself and my family. It took forever for us to receive it (2 years). The process was a real headache. After moving down here I found out that everything could have went a lot smoother. I will be posting a link to your site on my website as well.

    I have a lot of site visitors contact me about assistance with the visa process. You may want to sell your guide on my site as well.
    Take care,

    • Katia

      Thanks, Sharif! We are planning affiliate program and I’ll let you know once it’s live!

      • I appreciate that Katia

  • Jonathan Curley

    thank you because I almost married a brazilian girl. And now I plann to marry another one. So this is good to know. I know we will not live there until retirement but thanks. I know how curupt brazils government is and im sorry you had such troubles. I will live here in usa until I can afford to not work until I die, But anyway brazilian girls are special better than any other by far! thnx!

  • Born Again Brazilian

    Just FYI – we do have an immigration lawyer. I am married to a Brazilian and technically have a Brazilian daughter. The lawyers told us it would take about two weeks to get my visa… nine months later I still do not have it. The Federal Police “lost” my file so we also had to start the process again. My advice to anyone trying to get through this process is to not have any great expectations about receiving a quick solution. Also, make two copies of everything you submit! Good luck.

    • Katia

      Well, it definitely depends on the lawyer…If he is a good one, he should be able to start and finish your case without your personal involvement with the authorities.

      If at any point in the future you decide to change him or just need one for another reason, just drop me a line and I’ll put you in contact with the best ones in Sao Paulo.

  • I write a blogg called digdigs. Im happy i found your blogg. You are a good person for trying to help people by posting it. I hope I get to use your info since im crazy in love with a brazilian girl or 2 but one had to go home to finish school. And broke my heart and now I meat another girl and she is braziliera kkkkkk so I get lucky now I just need to overcome all this distance! I will because im determined to be happy!
    Well, Bonoite!

    • Katia

      The Love runs the World! 🙂 I’ll be happy to help with anything I can. Good luck!!

  • Harisha KR

    Hi, I’m from India, 31yrs & Married. I’m planning to immigrate to Brazil on temporary visa or permanet visa. Please advise me how to proceed? How best you can help me?

  • Hi Katia,

    Thanks you so much for the info. I love your site ..simple and to the point. I was wonder if you could send me the name, number, and e-mail address of the lawyer you mentioned above. I’m thinking of moving to Brazil permanently.

    Sylvie Condrain

  • Mr. Rabindra Nath Dhar

    Hi! I’m Rabindra Nath Dhar, from Narayangonj,Bangladesh & involve with ready made garments exporting.
    I would like to visit Brazil in near future by tourist visa. Could you tell me what is the procedure to obtain tourist visa as a Bangladeshi?

  • nadeem

    i wont to marry with Brazil girl my age is 30
    i am from pakistan karachi plz any one marry me contact me 00923002663452

    thank your up coming husband

  • Pritam Bagul

    Hi Katia,

    I am Pritam Bagul from Mumbai, India. I want to study and work in brazil. I have 5 years of experience in IT and and a few months of experience in sports company. I was browsing the internet for this information and came to this page. It would be a great help if you could assist me acquiring in brazilian work or student visa by suggesting me some good immigration lawyers.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Zay

    Hi, your website was extremly helpful…but im just in highschool and i had my life planned ahead of me and everything seemed so easy..i would graduate and move to brasil and go to college there…but it seems so much harder…its been my life long dream to move to brasil but everything just seems extremly complicated…personally, is it worth it?

    • Peter

      Definitely worth it Zay, it is also my dream to go to Brazil when I graduate. How could I get in touch with you? My e-mail is petromir_bg@yahoo.com , please write!

  • carlos cristiani de oliveira

    Olá Katia. Eu sou o Carlos Cristiani e sou advogado há 20 anos. Diante do panorama mundial, bem como, do cenário nacional, estou me especializando na acessoria jurídica a estrangeiros que pretendam vir para o Brasil. Atualmente tenho escritório em Campinas-SP, mas, em 2012 estarei montado filial do meu escritório em São Paulo, com atendimento especializado na aréa acima citada. Estou a procura de parceria. Achei muito interessante a sua proposta de prestação de serviços, a qual se encontra em linha com meus pensamentos. Será que esse assunto te interessa (parceria)? De toda sorte, desejo-lhe muito sucesso. Saudações!

    • Katia

      Com certeza, Carlos. Entrarei em contato via email em breve!


    Dear Sir, I want To go to Brazil by the work visa.it is possible than you can email to me.

    Thanks & Best regards
    k.m. Ekramul islam
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • John Evans

    Katia, your Guide sounds very interesting. How do I buy it? The Buy Now button is not live (it cannot be clicked.)

  • Katia

    John, the button is click-able to me…but the script asks you to leave the page so that it could lead you to PayPal…If you still have troubles just post your email and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. Thanks!

  • jignasha patel

    i am jignasha from india.28,engagd.mE and my fiance wont to come in brazil on temprary visa or visitervisa.please advise me how to proceed?in future we can settel in brazil and can get permanent residence or no.how best you can help me.thanks.i will be wait for your replay.

    • Katia

      Hi jignasha patel, the guide will surely help you! It has info on all kind of visas to Brazil and much more!

  • David

    This seems to be an interesting website.

    I have a situation somewhat like yours. I am a US citizen and my wife is a Brazilian with permanent residency here. Our son has both Brazilian and US citizenship.We now live near San Francisco, California.

    We are thinking of retiring/moving to Brazil at some point. I would even consider becoming a Brazilian citizen perhaps. I do have concerns and interests about investment effects, costs of living, health care, jobs, etc.

    I would love to talk to an informed and helpful person about these things. Any ideas?

    • Katia

      David, have you tried to talk to Ben at Aries Immigration Consulting? Here is the link: http://www.how2immigrate.net/consultation.html

      • David

        Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

        Thanks for your information. I may follow up with him. I would like to get a better sense of these things.

  • Ana

    Hi. My husband is going to be hired by a company in Brazil, and they are going to take care of his immigration paperwork.

    I have two questions regarding this:
    * since I´m his wife, do I apply for the family visa?
    * in case I do so, may I work with that visa?

    Thank you very much,


    • Katia

      Dear Ana, the immigration lawyers taking care of your husband visa should also apply for a visa on your behalf, However, even though you will be allowed to stay with your husband in Brazil, you won’t be able to work unless you find an employer to sponsor your independent work visa.

  • Ahmad

    Dear Katia,

    i am Iranian living in Dubai UAE,i would like to immigrate to Brazil and invest there .how i can do it and you help me to start my business

  • ali al-shuwaili

    dear friend ;
    i’am very happy for your interested in my response about the way to get with my family the citizenship in brazil,
    also what’s the procedure can i appointed .

    kind regard’s
    ali alshwaily

  • Satnam singh

    I want to purchase agricultural land
    And want permanent immigration

  • Richard A Delong & Mellissa A Sahl

    Hello Katia we are both high school seniors in America. We are both hoping to become full time legal residents of Brazil. The reason we write to you is we have been told that we have no chance at living in your beautiful country. I prey that this is wrong we dont have the money for an immigrations lawer should we continue to try for citizenship.

  • ilgar nematov

    hi, my name is ilgar. i am from baku. i have higher technic education. i want to immigrate to brazil. i have master degree . best regards ilgar

  • David

    Dear Madam,

    I am in Brazil with my girlfriend and she is Brazilan, we have a Daughter together who is 3. I am now in Natal and would like to apply for a perm visa so I can stay and support them both.What visa would I apply for and what documents would they need FOR THE POLICE FEDERAL ? Any information would be really helpful. My tourist visa exoires 13 Aug 2013 the 90 day period.


  • shalah Uddin nikhil

    hi, katia

    i want to immigration to brazil. But i am in bangladesh and how i would be the permanant residant of brazil from bangladesh.

  • Guys, I’m really sorry I did not have time to answer the last few comments. I was too busy with my 5-year old son for the last year, but I am back now 🙂 So, please feel free to comment – I’ll try to share as much info as possible! Thank you for the interest in my blog!

  • Amit Kakar

    Hi Katia
    I am Amit from Delhi in India, I am 31 years of age married can you please let me know how can I migrate to Brazil on a permanent basis

  • khaled basmah

    Dear Katia
    my name is Khaled,and i am from Syria i am 30 years old and i am an architect
    i read your short story of your life with immigration issue and i am so glad that your husband get his Permanent Residence at he end.i am living in Cairo now,but i would like to move to Brazil because it get the visa easily because i am a Syrian citizen a visa .anyway and this will be my first question but not the last and at the beginning i want to ask about your life ..where are u living ,what are you doing for living ? how is everything there? people ,prices,health…do your recommended Brazil as a place to settle down ?
    thank you very much,

  • Jhon Snow

    Hi there
    am syrian citizen living in syria now , I had visited the brazilian embassy in damascus and the told me that i need an invitation paper of somebody in brazil to apply refugee , i need help as soon as possible war become so bad here and i need to know can you send us an invitation.

    • No, we can not, sorry. You should seek help from a humanitarian organization.