Living Abroad in Brazil

  Michael Sommers is an expert on Brazilian life—he’s lived there for 13 years. In Living Abroad in Brazil, he provides firsthand tips on everything from climate to culture, all in an easy-to-understand manner. Living Abroad in Brazil is packed with essential information and must-have details on setting up daily life, including obtaining visas, arranging […]

Unknown Amazon Tribe – Uncontacted People in Brazil

  For the first time, extraordinary aerial footage of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes has been released. Survival’s new film, narrated by Gillian Anderson, has launched our campaign to help protect the earth’s most vulnerable peoples. From the Survival International website: “We are Survival, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. We’re the […]

Brazilian Butt Lift DVD Workout

  => BUY Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout We’re not all lingerie and bikini supermodels, but who says we can’t learn their secrets to getting a firm, lifted butt? Leandro Carvalho, trainer to famous supermodels, combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and his own signature lower-body sculpting moves to help you make your booty your best feature. […]