Brazil Immigration Consultation

Brazil Immigration Consultation


We collaborate with the National Association of Foreigners and Immigrants in Brazil in order to provide the interested visitors of our website with immigration consultation and assistance.

President of the National Association of Foreigners and Immigrants in is Dr. Grover Calderon, LL.M., Immigration Law Professor in the prestigious University of Sao Paulo Law School.

The Association is actively lobbying in the Congress on behalf of thousands of foreigners and immigrants and its activity has resulted in one amnesty and many changes to the Brazilian immigration law in the last 8 years.

The immigration consultation aims to:

  • Determine which is the most appropriate Brazilian Permanent or Temporary Residence Visa in each individual case.
  • Advise on the proper documentation and procedure in order to apply successfully for the visa.

We take every case very seriously and carefully analyze all relevant information before rendering advice. Therefore, please note, that this is a paid consultation and our fee is US$ 150.00

If you are interested in our Brazil Immigration Consultation service, please submit your payment below. We will contact you within 24 hours at your e-mail provided at the time of payment in order to discuss your case and start planning the most appropriate course of action in order to obtain your Permanent or Temporary Visa successfully.



Note: We offer 30-days Money Back Guarantee on all our services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of our Brazil Immigration Consultation, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


  • Muhammad Amin Bhatti

    i am interested to get Brazilian immigration and ready to invest a dollar 50000 fifty thousand please guide me how to proceed

  • Vet Muhammad

    I’m a Veterinarian , from Egypt
    what should I do to gain a chance to work and settle in Brazil ??

    • Hello, you should buy our immigration consultation service or our guide on how to obtain permanent visa for Brazil.

  • Dhaval Patel

    I had finished the nvq level 3 frm UK in hospitality and tourism management. And my wife had a MBA in human resources management and we are planning to migrate to the brazill so what is the procedure for the application and will we are qualified
    enough to migrate to brazil???

    • Dhaval, as you can see, we offer paid immigration consultation. Please, contract our services by clicking on the payment link above so that we can start consulting you on how to immigrate to Brazil.

  • Vinicius Jardim Cargueira

    My friend is trying to come to Brazil but the bazilian government is denying… What should I do??

    • Hi, Vinicius! You can click on the button above and pay for a consultation so that we can review the case and advise on the most appropriate course of action.

  • salman yasir

    hey sir…! im from pakistan. i want to come BRAZIL.
    what should i do for come?
    please tell me in Detail….

    • Hello, Salman! What you need to do is click on the button in the article above and buy our immigration consulting service.

  • Daniela Alvarez

    Hi, I would appreciate your advise regarding the Brazilian Visa.

    My family and I are living in Australia at the moment but we’re argentines.
    We are travelling to Argentina and stopping for a few days in Rio de Janeiro.
    We are travelling with Australian passports and Argentine DNI to prove our Argentinian residence as the Argentinian Migrations allows. Will the Brazilian migration let us to enter to Brazil with the Mercosur DNI from Argentina and the Australian Passports?.

    Kind regards, Daniela