Brazilian Work Visa and Brazilian Business Visa: what is the difference?

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Many people do not know the difference between these two visas in Brazil. Find in this article which of them applies to you.

Remember that Brazil has many different kinds of visas to fit foreigners’ needs. This article will cover only the two different modalities to help you understanding what is the difference between them.

It is important to let you know that the government does not clearly explains what is considered “business” when making this kind of differentiation in the classification of visas. There are some requirements to be followed that should help you understanding what is the right for you.

Temporary Business Visa

The length of your stay varies according to the nationality of the foreigner and also according to the commitment the person has in Brazil. The government also takes into account the relation that the foreigners’ country government has with Brazil.

Temporary business visas can be applied to those who are traveling to Brazil attending fairs, congresses, evaluating markets, negotiations, holding interviews and giving lectures.

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It is important to highlight that this is a business visa, not a family one, so it only applies to you. If you want to bring your family members with you, they will have to get their own visas, which is usually the tourism one.

Another important point about the temporary business visa is that the period of stay can be extended only once and for the same period as it was granted before.

There are some people that do not need a business visa, only a note in the passport granted by the Brazilian Consulate. This case is pointed by the Brazilian Consulate of your country.

It is important to highlight that this kind of visa is specifically for those who won’t receive any remuneration in Brazil and there is no exception for this rule. You can find the whole process of getting your Business Visa here

Temporary Work Visa

This visa can be considered part of the residence visa or as an extension for the residence visa. The length of stay also varies according to the company contract with you and the function you will have in Brazil.

This kind of visa also applies to those coming to Brazil to work in the country as a business executive, scientist, teacher, technician or other professional under contract or rendering services to a company in Brazil or to the Brazilian government.

There are some cases of people that will travel to Brazil to work and be remunerated in the country but without any registration. In this case, the employee must provide some evidences about the relationship between the company and the worker; this relation must have more than three years.

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Just like the business visa, the work visa can be extended only once for the same period of time it was granted before. This process can take several months, so be aware of the prescription of your visa validity to avoid future documentation problems.

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