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  • Jan Untalan

    hi i want to immigrate in brazil, and want to establish our prosesion there. We are Doctors, my wife and I and our children, im a Dermatologist, Venereologist and leprologist and my wife is a aesthetic dentist, and an orthodontist.

  • Yatin Bahri

    Hi, I am a software quality analyst with experience of 4 years and a bachelor degree in Information Technology. I would like to know if I could apply for permanent residency in Brazil and the procedure for same.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Betty White

    My family owns a piece of farm land in Brazil. We have been told that we need a Brazilian ID to do business in Brazil, such as open a bank account or sell the land. Can you assist us in obtaining a Brazilian ID?

  • Manoj Vohra

    hi there,
    I am living in Christchurch, newzealand and my wife is from brazil . hence I would like to apply to get brazil citizenship and passport as well. can you help me and guide me the procedure and ways to obtain the Brazilian passport as well.

  • Hashim

    I am 41 years old
    I have read your blog about the naturalization of brazil.
    I and my family have permanent residency on the basis of my son who was born in brazil in December 2015
    I and my family (my wife and my 2 daughters of 8 year and 2 years now) received my RNE in January 2016.
    After which we left brazil and went to dubai where we are based and have business for the past 16 years.
    We have come back here(brazil) on may 3rd to deliver my another child .
    I need to know if we can apply for citizenship right now or do we need to have a physical residency for 1 year.
    If we can apply now how can you present your services to cater my documents to the citizenship department ?
    And if no how should we proceed to apply for citizenship next time and when?
    Kindly reply