Brazil Immigration and Relocation Megapack

Brazil Immigration and Relocation Megapack

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Thank you for your interest in our and Relocation Megapack!

It contains 15 professionally developed guides / e-books, with colorful graphics, diagrams, text and pictures, covering the most important aspects of immigration, relocation and doing business in Brazil.

The guides have been developed by prominent Brazilian immigration lawyers, bankers, accountants and other professionals – partners of the American Chamber of Commerce in Brazil; therefore they are extremely reliable in terms of information provided.

The Brazil Immigration and Relocation Megapack is truly the ONLY needed resource for anyone who plans to immigrate, work, do business or simply visit Brazil.

The How-To-Do Guides / E-books included in the Megapack:

1. How to Obtain Visas for Brazil (52 pages)

2. How to Establish a Company in Brazil (38 pages)

3. How to Invest in Brazil (21 pages)

4. How to Import into Brazil (28 pages)

5. How to do Cash Management in Brazil (24 pages)

6. How to do Governmental Contracts in Brazil (17 pages)

7. How to Integrate Logistics in Brazil (15 pages)

8. How to Make Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments in Brazil (21 pages)

9. How to Obtain Environmental Permits in Brazil (36 pages)

10. How to Deal with Banks and Obtain Financing in Brazil (44 pages)

11. How to Protect Intellectual Property in Brazil (29 pages)

12. How to Protect People and Property in Brazil (28 pages)

13. How to understand Legal Aspects on Doing Infrastructure (40 pages)

14. How to understand the Entertainment and Sport Law in Brazil (15 pages)

15. How to understand corporate Real Estate Market in Brazil (22 pages)

The guides are NOT available anywhere else on the Internet and this is a limited-time offer to purchase all 15 reports for only US$ 39.00!

We decided on this very low price to celebrate the launch of the Megapack, however starting next month the price will go up to US$ 75 to reflect the real value of information in the reports.

You will receive instant download link by e-mail right after your payment. Don’t miss the opportunity – get the megapack NOW and prepare yourself for the opportunities in Brazil!

Note: We offer 30-days Money Back Guarantee on all our products and services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the content of our guides, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


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