Brazil Visa Types: How to Obtain Transit, Tourist, Temporary or Permanent Visa for Brazil

Visa for Brazil

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Brazil issues seven principal types of visa: Transit ; Tourist Visa; Temporary Visa; Permanent Visa; Courtesy Visa; Official Visa; and Diplomatic Visa.

This publication covers procedures for obtaining the first four types of visas, which are the most commonly used by the majority of travelers and businessmen coming to Brazil – Transit, Tourist, Temporary and Permanent Visas.

The authors of the publication are lawyers from the largest and most reputable immigration consulting firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Tourist and transit visas are normally easy to obtain. However, temporary and permanent residence visas require an extensive list of documents. It is always wise to have a professional specialized in such matters to accompany these administrative proceedings, given the bureaucracy involved and the constant changes in legislation.

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