Operation and Marketing of Corporate Real Estate in Brazil


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The dynamism boasted by the economy within the last few years in an atmosphere of economic consistency has attracted the interest of foreign companies to the Country.

Currently the fourth largest receiver of productive investments, the following trends are perceived: (i) an increase in investments by current companies; (ii) entry of medium size companies looking for an option to the challenges posed by the European and North American markets; (iii) growth of research centers by multinationals; (iv) a high attraction level of suppliers for equipment and services for the oil and gas business; and, (v) growth of local operations making it feasible for the transfer of global and regional commands.

Leveraged specifically by greater capacity and the entry of new suppliers and new technologies, an extreme growth of the domestic market is observed and, with this, the demand for corporate spaces in Brazil’s major regions such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Recife, which offer the investors good return potential.

This report is a market overview of Brazil’s two main office regions – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – and the main stages for a successful office lease or acquisition in Brazil will be indicated. Also, this guide will present some information about Recife, a city that is growing quickly in the Northeast region. Therefore, this guide aims to provide information and statistics for high standard commercial properties, known as Classes A+ and A.

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