Expatriate Jobs in Brazil

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    Ben Popov

    Brazilian jobs for English speakers may be the most foreigner-friendly ones today. For instance, in Brazil, teaching jobs are especially popular for those who can speak English, and there’s a growing number of clients in the teaching business.

    These are the most common jobs for Americans in Brazil, and even English-speaking foreigners from other countries can attain these language-teaching jobs.

    If you’re a native or experienced speaker of English, you may find work in schools and universities, or become a private teacher. Some of these may even be contract jobs. Contract jobs in Brazil are very interesting options because they imply more stability than informal jobs (which are more common in the country).

    While English is probably the best option for teaching a language in Brazil, native speakers of other popular language may be able to find teaching jobs. In this case, it may be a good idea to research and get in contact with specialized language schools, teaching agencies, and even language-learning apps.

    2 sites to help you get started:

    Superprof: https://www.superprof.com.br/

    Profes: https://profes.com.br/

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